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Ashika Angirekula

Hey Class of 2023! We can't wait to welcome you here. We know the thought of starting medical school can be intimidating, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions about what to expect. In the meantime, just relax and enjoy your summer!
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Cayenne Price

Hey MS2023! Get ready to have the time of your life at UTSW. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about balancing school & home life, finding solid brunch spots, or just wanna hang!
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Palvasha Deme

Hey Class of 2023! Med school takes some time to get used to, but you'll do great!! Feel free to reach out if you are nervous, have questions, or want to know about my favorite restaurants around Dallas. See you at PRE+OP!
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Nishith Sripathi

Hi Class of 2023, welcome to UTSW. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the colleges, adjusting to med school, or what to binge on Netflix. Can't wait to meet y'all at PRE+OP.
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Annie Hans

I know it's stressful thinking about starting med school, but I promise it's not as scary as you think. Make sure you truly enjoy your summer! When school starts, reach out to your peers and upperclassmen, because those will be lifelong friendships. If you want to grab dessert, feel free to reach out!
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Sarah Hardin

Hey, Class of 2023! PRE+OP is a wonderful experience to help you get rooted in community here at UT Southwestern, and we can’t wait to walk alongside you throughout your journey. If you have any questions or just want to chat about life at Southwestern, feel free to reach out!
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Cameron Ward

Congrats on choosing UT Southwestern! We’re excited for you to get started on this amazing journey. If you have any questions about getting involved on campus or places to go in Dallas, feel free to reach out. See you soon!
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Lauren Friedrich

Hey y’all! I know adjusting to medical school may seem daunting, but there are so many people here at UTSW ready to cheer you on! Feel free to reach out to me with questions about getting involved in student orgs, exploring the Dallas ice cream scene, or being a newcomer to Texas!
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MED 101

Everything you need to know about medical school at UT Southwestern

Before Medical School  ||  The First Week  ||  Tech Support  ||  Don't Starve  ||  Stay Healthy  ||  Work Hard  ||  Play Hard

Click on a topic above to learn more!


You need to take care of things such as housing, immunizations, or financial aid before school begins. The Admissions Office has a helpful timeline. Click here to access it.

Medical instruments will need to be purchased before the start of school. Please consult the email sent out regarding medical instrument orders. Your student ID, parking pass, and other paperwork will be taken care of during orientation on the first day of school. If you are so excited to start medical school that you cannot imagine doing nothing school related this summer, you can obtain a parking pass and your student ID at the student center before school starts.

Honestly, don't worry about much for now (except for all those forms and surveys on D2L) and ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! We'll see you at PRE+OP in a few weeks :)


A more complete schedule will be provided the first day of Orientation, but here's what you need to know to plan ahead for the week:

Monday August 5th

Your first day of medical school will start bright and early at 8 am, so be ready to arrive then! You'll get to meet us and your classmates for the first time, so be ready to mingle. Also important, this is the day that you will be paying for your Veteran Dissector, so bring a checkbook or exact cash. The Texas Medical Association's Barbeque will be that night, so you won't need to find dinner!

Tuesday August 6th

IT will be available at 8 am if you have issues, but if you have no problems with your tech setup, the day begins at 8:30 am. We're holding a game night at 8:00 pm, so we hope to see you all there!

Wednesday August 7th

Today is the day that you will do your BLS training and your VA credentialing! This does start at 8 am again, and make sure to bring any official documents you need for your VA credentialing so you can get it out of the way. Also, another class social will be that night; come if you want to have some fun and meet some MS2s!

Thursday August 8th

In the morning, the official Class of 2023 service project will occur (you will have signed up for it long before this day, and know all of the details); if you choose not to join the service project, orientation continues at 1 pm. The student organization fair will be right after orientation ends, so feel free to learn about the great groups UT Southwestern has! (And make sure to get a great night's sleep!)

Friday August 9th

PRE+OP starts today!!! Please bring your health insurance card, as we will need you to have that to sign the waivers. Make sure to arrive on time at 8 am so that you don't miss out!

Saturday August 10th

PRE+OP ends today! You should be back on campus by mid-afternoon (depending on traffic), so get some rest and be ready for class to start in two days!

Also, this schedule will be updated as things change, so check back in a few weeks for more specific details!


In the first few weeks of class, you'll be introduced to whole host of new programs, platforms, and other technology that are vital to your success in the medical school's new curriculum. It can be a lot to take in, so here's a breakdown of some of the important stuff. Remember, on Tuesday, August 7th, you will have the chance to ask all the tech related questions you have and get all the answers you need.


D2L is an online platform that hosts course syllabi, slides, mp3 recordings, video-recorded lectures, grades, and other resources. It is similar to other classroom platforms you may have used before, such as Blackboard. You can access D2L here. Just click log in and and enter your UT Southwestern ID and password. Then, under the waffle icon in the top right hand corner, you will be able to see all the courses you are enrolled in. There is a "MS1 Orientation" page on D2L, found under the waffle icon. This page has a lot of information and forms that you should have already been getting emails about.


You've probably already figured this out, but here at UT Southwestern, we use email a lot, for almost everything. Many people even use email to buy/sell things by sending them to our class-wide list-serves. Recently, a UTSW Market Facebook Group was started to channel buying/selling away from emails, as it can get a bit annoying. If you do feel the need to send emails like that to all the classes, please be sure to "tag" your email as spam by inserting a "[SPAM]" at the very beginning of your subject line. If you fail to do this, be warned that you may be publicly scrutinized. Now if you want to keep all that nasty [SPAM] our of your own inbox, you've gotta set up a filter using this same [SPAM] tag. Here are some easy instructions on how to do that.


So, now you know that we use email a LOT. I guess it would make sense to have it on your phone, then, huh? How do you do that? Well, lucky for you, here are some easy instructions for both iOS and Android devices to get your UTSW added to sync to your phone.


Also, if you want to email (almost) anyone on campus, their usual UT Southwestern email is (The two caveats you need to remember are that some people go by nicknames, and if someone shares a name with someone else on the UT Southwestern campus, they will have to add a number to their email.) If you've tried this and can't get into contact with someone, search their last name in the directory and you may be able to find them. This goes for faculty as well!

Two-Factor Authentication

When logging in to your email, you probably got asked to authenticate yourself with Duo, UT Southwestern's Two-Factor Authentication system. This is important because it keeps your account secure in the event that someone else is able to get a hold of your password. This authentication system is used for almost all of UT Southwestern's platform logins. Here are some easy instructions and troubleshooting FAQs regarding Duo and how to use it.



The UT Southwestern Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to connect to the campus network's internal sources from an external internet connection. It's vital for accessing things like the O: Drive (explained in the section below), that are usually only available when connected to the on-campus network. The client that UT Southwestern uses is called Pulse. Here are the instruction to get the client installed and connect. Once you're ready to connect, you'll the Duo Two-Factor Authentication to verify your login before you can connect, so make sure that is set up first, then follow these instructions to set up your VPN client.


Network Drives

The O: Drive is amazing. We would HIGHLY recomment you get this set up because of the endless resources that it contains. Everything from PDF versions of textbooks you need to collections of course outlines and helpful tables going back to more than a decade of medical school classes. This drive can be a lifesaver. Here are the instructions on how to get access to it on your computer and a list of address for all the UT Southwestern Network Drives. Once you have the drives mapped, you'll automatically have access on campus wi-fi, but will need to connect through VPN to have off-campus access.



So for all of this stuff, you'll need to be connected to Wi-Fi, but connecting to the UT Southwestern Wi-fi can be a pain, especially when you want to access external sites like Facebook in the middle of lecture. If you're having trouble, try these instructions to get your proxy settings set correctly, but if this doesn't work, you'll need to get additional help from our wonder IR servicedesk (contact info below). Here are the Wi-fi proxy setting instructions.


Who you gonna call? TECH SUPPORT

All of the above is just an overview of a few of vital things you may need help with. For more in-depth solutions, or for other technology not mentioned here, call the UT Southwestern Information Resources Service Desk! They are available 24/7 to answer all your tech questions and troubleshoot with you in a VERY efficient manner. (We promise this is not an outsourced call center, its legit helpful tech support.)

Main IR Service Desk ::: 214-648-7600


South Campus (where your MS1 lecture hall is) is where you'll be eating for the most of the time.

Subway - a traditional Subway franchise with many of their options and specials.. Also serves breakfast!
Bru - a coffee house that serves some Starbucks drinks and other coffee. They also supply tasty pastries, bagels, salads, sandwiches, and sushi.
Burger House - a franchise of the popular Dallas chain. Serves old fashioned burgers and other sandwiches, salads, and delicious fries and shakes.
Cafe Hunan - asian food with selections such as General Tsao chicken, egg rolls, and fried rice. In the morning this area features breakfast foods like biscuits and gravy and breakfast burritos.
Salad Sealed Delivered - a tasty and nutritious option for the health-minded offering signature salads, soup, wraps and spuds.

Many of these locations have healthy options as well! Some of these locations close as early at 2 pm while others stay open until 4 pm during the academic year. Check the link for a complete list of on campus restaurants. Not listed are the restaurants that rotate on South Campus daily featuring Dickey’s Barbecue and Chick-fil-a!

UT Southwestern also has a store, located next to the food court, which stocks many of the typical snack items you would find at a convenience store - granola bars, beef jerky, candy, chips, and much more. The store closes at 4:30pm on weekdays and is closed on weekends.

If you're ever at Parkland, Children's or any of the University Hospitals (like Clements), they have their own food courts/cafeterias where you can get food. You also get a discount at University Hospital food locations with your UT Southwestern ID!

Lastly, student organizations and various other events on campus tend to have free food for lunch meetings almost every week. So if you're smart about it, you take advantage of all the free lunches. Once the school year starts, keep a track of your email to learn about when these lunches are.

Oh and you'll probably also need food at your apartment or just not on-campus, right? Here's a convenient map with some nearby locations to get groceries and basics!



We're not gonna lie, medical school is tough, and it can get very stressful at times. It's extremely important that you keep yourself healthy throughout this time in your life, physically, mentally, and emotionally. You'll be hearing a lot about how to do this during our PRE+OP week, but here's a quick overview of some of the ways that UT Southwestern can help you stay healthy.


The student center mission is to offer a variety of quality educational, physical, and leisure experiences that act as a diversion from the inevitable stresses associated with a medical center environment.

The student center is probably one of the most important places on campus. The entire facility features two indoor basketball courts, one outdoor basketball court, two outdoor tennis courts, an indoor track, a multipurpose room (with mirrors!), a racquetball court, foosball tables, locker rooms, lounges with arguably the comfiest couches on campus and TVs, and obviously the main gym with full sets of cardio- and weight-training equipment and machines. Membership is automatic and included with your UT Southwestern ID (which you need to have in order to get in every time). The student center does a great job of having weekly fitness classes (like spin class or karate or yoga) and intramurals throughout the year. Getting involved in these is extremely easy and highly encouraged! Additionally, the Sander's Lounge and Meadow's Lounge provide great spaces to meet with friends, study, watch some TV or even take a nap. (There's a GIANT bean bag in Meadows that's really comfy for a nap. 10/10 would recommend.)

Beyond physical fitness, the student center organizes campus-wide events like the annual Celebration of Cultures and Multicultural Awareness Week. It's also the place to be to volunteer. The student center hosts the annual Carnaval De Salud, a free health & awareness fair as part of the UT System-wide United to Serve initiative. They also provide a great system to log and keep a track of your volunteer hours. It is highly recommended that you participate and get involved with volunteering, as community outreach is one of the cornerstones of what makes UT Southwestern great! (Plus, you earn college points for volunteering!!!)

Last, but certainly not least, the student center is the governing body for all the UT Southwestern student organizations. Student Organizations at UT Southwestern Medical Center actively participate in and contribute to a vibrant university community. Our more than 100 registered student organizations provide invaluable experiences and opportunities. New student organizations are always forming. If you cannot find an established student organization that meets your needs, consider forming your own organization by contacting the Bryan Williams, M.D. Student Center.



The student clinic is a free (for students) primary care provider located on the 8th floor of the Aston Building. To reach the Aston Building, start at the second floor of the D building (where the library entrance is located) and head south towards the E building. After you pass through a set of doors, take a left and follow the signs to the Aston building. Click on the button below to learn more about the clinic and how to make an appointment.



The Student Mental Health Service is the primary provider of individual therapy, assistance with diagnosis medication management, counseling/psychotherapy, crisis management through their multidisciplinary team of psychologists, psychiatrists and licensed social work counselors. You'll be hearing a lot about wellness from Dr. Preston Wiles during our PRE+OP week, as it is a vital part of staying healthy in medical school. The office is located in the Student Support Service Building S on the second floor, S2.100. Click on the button below to learn more.



The Student Assistance Committee helps students with chemical dependency and psychiatric disorders. UT southwestern encourages and facilitates the recognition, treatment, and rehabilitation of medical students with these disorders. Students with these disorders have a responsibility to themselves, the medical profession, and society to recognize and seek assistance in combating impairment. Dr. Hicham Ibrahim is the one to contact from this committee. You can send him an email at


The UT Southwestern police are always available for if you need an escort back to your car at night, so remember to call them if you need them! The emergency number is (214) 648-8911, and the non-emergency number is (214) 648-8311. The blue boxes around campus will also put you into contact with them if you press the button. If you need to reach them in person, they are on the C Level of the Paul M. Bass Center Tower II in North Campus.



It goes without saying...academics are important and UT Southwestern does a lot to make sure you have the resources available to do well in school. Here's a quick overview of some ofthe several opportunities that this institution has to offer to help you achive your academic goals.


The library has a plethora of useful study aids and a staff that is more than willing to help with any of your educational needs. You will have 24/7 Main Floor Access with student ID. The library features a room with Anatomy Models that is great place with resources for memorizing all of those hard-to-find structures. The Anatomy model room is located to the right on the far side of the library when you walk in. There are also tons of group and individual study rooms are available at any time. The ground floor has enclosed group study rooms along most of the walls and individual cubicles (not soundproof). The fourth floor of the library has individual study rooms that can be used during library hours. These rooms require a student ID to check out a key. The library also has a large bay of computers for student use with pre-installed software to help you with anything academic or research oriented. Electronic Journals, Books and Databases are available via the library website. Getting a hold of unavailable materials not held by the library is made easy via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). And the library also has printing/copying services available for all students. Click below to go to the library website and learn a lot more about what it has to offer.



UT Southwestern offers several elective throughout the year. There's a different set offered every semester for things ranging from Medical Education to Medical Spanish to Global Health. There's a whole list of electives, and if you don't see one you like, guess can start your own! There's information about electives on D2L (you can access D2L here) and you'll get emails about signing up for them once the academic year beings. Click below to download the approved elective list spreadsheet from a previous academic year to see some of what we have to offer.

Previous Electives


Research is a big part of the UT Southwestern campus, with countless faculty conducting all kinds of research. You won't have trouble finding a project you're interested in, and all you have to do is email them and ask! It's very simple and faculty are very open to having medical students working with them. For some structured research programs, UT Southwestern offers the M.D./Ph.D. combined degree (learn more about this in the section below) and a Medical Student Summer Research Program. You'll get tons of information about this later, via email, but for now, click below to explore the UT Southwestern research website!



Along with the M.D. degree, UT Southwestern Medical Center offers many opportunities for students to explore combined degrees and to earn special graduation distinctions. Each of these has its own requirements and timelines. Click below to head to the UT Southwestern website to learn more about the degrees and distinctions. Please note that these are separate from the "scholarly activity" portion of your M.D. curriculum. While the scholarly acitivity will not get you a distinction by itself, it can be used as credit towards a distinction. You'll be a hearing a lot about this from Drs. Mihalic, Wagner, and Rege throughout your first year, so stay tuned.



The Academic Support Services of the Office of Medical Education are vital if you're having trouble keeping up with the curriculum or if you just want some extra help. They provide academic improvement seminars to help students with things like study skills, time management for low stress, and test-taking strategies. They offer learning skills assessments and individual consultations as well as group tutoring. They also help with professionalism skills, USMLE Step 1 Preparation, and provide support for students with disabilities. They also send out these amazing review slides for all the lectures that a GREAT tool for quick reviews before the next quiz or exam. Click on the button below to learn more.



There are a number of different ways to volunteer at UT Southwestern, including seeing patients at free clinics, becoming a part of United to Serve, or participating in a student organization aimed at service. You'll be getting emails about all of the great ways to get involved and serve at UT Southwestern soon, but if you want to know more, click below to learn about the free clinics or United to Serve!



Medical School can be challenging and all, but every once in a while, we have a Golden Weekend where we don't hold back with fun. Whether it's spending the night at the bar or catching the latest movie or just hanging out with friends, Dallas has an endless list of things you can do to make your Golden Weekend a blast.


If you're into the arts, check out the Dallas Arts District. The Dallas Museum of Art is free to the public except for a few special galleries. Right next door is the Crow Collection of Asian Art, which is also free. If that wasn't enough, across the street is the Nasher Sculpture Center. Down Woodall Rogers (I-35E), only a half mile away, is the newly opened Perot Museum of Natural Science. Across from the Perot Museum is the Dallas World Aquarium (it has a rainforest inside!) The Dallas Arts District is also home to Klyde Warren Park, a new park situated right on the freeway. There you can find several food trucks and family friendly activities.

For more artsy things, visit the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff. Self-titled "Dallas' Most Independent Neighborhood", it has a cool, San Fran vibe. It's unlike most of Dallas and a fun place full of restaurants, botiques, bars, art, and more.


If you like the outdoors take a walk/run on Katy Trail or White Rock Lake. Nearby the lake is the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. An interesting place for animal lovers is in Glen Rose (where we're going for PRE+OP!). There's a little something called the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Go there to see animals like cheetahs, rhinos, and giraffes! Back in the heart of Downtown Dallas is Klyde Warren Park, that sits above a higway! It's a really nice place to visit and is always filled with people having fun. They have some really cool events running on weekends too.


Shopaholics will find themselves right at home here in Dallas. The question is not where to shop, but how to get away from all the shopping. Near campus, there is Inwood Village, Highland Park Village, and West Village. A little farther out, you'll find Preston Center, Snider Plaza, and Northpark Mall. All of these shopping areas are also great places to find food. On a related note, Inwood Theater in Inwood Village and AMC in Northpark are top spots for movie watching.


Sports fans, you're in luck. Professional sports teams abound the metroplex. The Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, and Dallas Cowboys are all in the area. Several of these sporting venues are also open for concerts throughout the year, such as the American Airline Center, where the Mavericks play, and the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington (Jerry's World). Some other attractions in Arlington are Six Flags and Hurricane Harbour.


Foodies, y'all will probably be making regular visits to McKinney Ave in Uptown. When you get a chance, give Lower Greenville a try. You might also want to check out the Dallas Farmers Market downtown. There are also food trucks around at Klyde Warren Park and some other locations on weekends. Dallas is known for its food, so we promise you won't ever run out of new things to try.


There is no shortage of alcohol in Uptown Dallas, where most of the bars are situated. It is the place to be on a Friday or Saturday night, and most of our medical school socials happen in this area of town. Remember to drink responsibly, and never drive if you've had a drink. Parking there can get annoying's way easier to take an Uber/Lyft.


        We will be leaving for camp on Friday (August 9th) afternoon, following some activities on-campus Friday morning. We will return to Dallas on Saturday (August 10th) afternoon around 2pm. We would love to tell you EVERYTHING about what we're going to be doing at camp, but....unfortunately, it's *shrouded in secrecy*. For now, we can only say (and guarantee) that it's going to be really REALLY FUN!


Camp will be at the Riverbend Retreat Center near Glen Rose, TX. Click here to take a look at the layout of the camp. There are tons of great activities for everyone to participate in! Learn more about the camp itself on their website by clicking here.

If you happen to drive there yourself instead of riding on our bus, or if you're just curious, click here for directions to the camp!

A Note from Dr. Mihalic

As can be seen at the camp website, Christian themes play a prominent role. These themes played no role in the choice of this center and will play no role in the events planned during our orientation. It was chosen because of its proximity to the campus, its recreational facilities, and its capacity. Nonetheless, it is our view the prominent religious themes should be respected as any other religion or belief is respected in our diverse student and your future patient population. It is our simple hope that your class can come from all walks of life, meet there, and have a good time getting to know each other.

Best wishes,

Angela Mihalic, MD
Dean of Medical Students & Assoc. Dean for Student Affairs



We'll bring the mattress; you bring the rest (e.g., sheets, blanket, pillow, sleeping bag, earplugs to drown out snoring campers...)


Unless you like to air dry, of course


Pack clothes that are outdoors/athletic appropriate (e.g. t-shirts, shorts) and maybe a light jacket in case it gets a bit chilly at night

Bathing Suit

The Riverbend retreat center requires girls to wear a one-piece suit or a cover-up over a two-piece
(sorry girls, camp rules)

Athletic Shoes

The zipline requires closed toe shoes for the adrenaline junkies out there

Basketball Shoes

There will be a court at camp with plenty of opprtunities to play on, and we'd like to avoid any serious ankle injuries this year!


They sound cool when you walk ... and only you can prevent the acquisition of shower-borne fungus


You are here to make friends and all...

Extra Clothes/Plastic Bag

Texas summers are hot and there's a 99.9% probability that you will get wet -- the bag is self-explanatory

Optional/Extra Items

Binoculars (for nature walk), frisbee, snack for the bus ride home, etc.

Musical Instruments

...because when else are you going to get the opportunity to jam with Dr. Wiles?

Sun Block/Bug Spray

The hot Texas sun and pesky mosquitoes can get annoying. Keep yourself protected from burns & bites!

Also don't forget your chargers!

How far has technology come these days. While there may not be signal, you might need power.